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WARNING: These step-by-step pizza making instructions may down right upset the guy at
your local pizza parlor. Find out how a little known
"underground" pizza fanatic created a blueprint for making an endless variety of super delicious pizza that taste like it came from your favorite pizza parlor!


Finally, An Easy To Read, Easy To Understand, Step By Step Blueprint That Shows You How To Make Pizza At Home That Will Make The Guy At Your Local Pizza Parlor Down Right Jealous!

Even If You're A Pizza Making Newbie…"

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"Mushroom & Canadian Bacon Hand Tossed Pizza"

HPC's Legendary Pizza Recipes

A Special Message For All Pizza Lovers Who Are Eager To Learn The Amazing Insider Secrets For Making A Variety Of
Exceptionally Tasting Pizza
At Home...


Dear Pizza Lover,

Have you ever wondered why most people struggle to make really delicious pizza? Why many simply give up on the idea of creating a great tasting pizza at home? If so, pay very close attention and read this page very carefully...

For me, this entire "pizza thing" started one cold January day in 2006. I picked up the telephone and called a few friends to invite them over for a highly anticipated football game. I also informed everyone of my intentions to serve a wide variety of "game food"... of course I suggested that they bring their own beverages... but I urged everyone to make a special effort to "drop by" for the game.

When asked about the "game menu", I proudly announced that I would be baking a homemade pizza for the big event...

Stay with me here....

Looking back, I understand why I got the long "sighs" and unexpected "'snickers" when I mentioned my plans to make a pizza on the telephone that day...

None the less...

A few days later... game day arrived and sure enough, during halftime, I proudly presented the homemade pizza that I had so proudly mentioned during my invite...

I was stunned!

"Surprisingly, my friends pointed at my pizza and laughed in my face..."

How embarrassing! How totally embarrassing! They commented on the shape, the texture of the crust... they even made jokes and compared it to their favorite pizza parlor pies. It really got bad after they "'indulged" in the beverages I asked them to bring....

Man oh man....

Needless to say, after my friends departed, I was quite "bummed". Feeling embarrassed and incredibly humiliated about the outcome of my "Big Game" pizza pies, I decided to get even. So I immediately went to work...

Month after month, day after day, morning, noon and night I began to study the art of creating great tasting pizza. I studied pizza dough, pizza crust, pizza sauce, cheeses... I even studied conventional home oven temperatures and the affect these ovens have on baking the perfect pizza pie (a big affect I might add). I conducted further study and discovered the best sauces and how to blend together the best toppings.

Soon, I started pulling together a blend of ingredients for various types of pizza pies, pizza sauces and pizza crusts that would satisfy the most "critical" of pizza lovers... I'm telling you, after being embarrassed once, I was determined NOT to be the brunt of jokes again...

I decided to leave no stone unturned as it relates to to creating a wide variety of "mouth watering pizza pies...

Let me ask you a simple question...

Are you tired of making pizza at home that gets responses like this... "it's pretty good", "not bad for homemade ", "it was O.K."?

What if you could change those comments to "It's was Awesome"...or... "It's Was Incredible", "Please make another one RIGHT NOW!

"Real pizza lovers" always remember GREAT pizza! Likewise, pizza lovers also remembered mediocre pies as well...

Now, a few years later... "the tides have turned"... my friends call me constantly. They all want
to know one thing and one thing only...

"When can we come over and sink our teeth into one of those Legendary Pizza Pies you like to make?"

They call early in the morning, then call late at night, they called requesting "pizza favors". They want to trade favors for pizza pies!

They even begin to call me "The HomePizzaChef".

I'm Happy To Say, There's Good News In All Of This...

My Past Pizza Humiliation Is Now The Beginning Of
YOUR Pizza Making Joy!

I've decided to reveal my secrets to one and all...

From now on, anyone (even YOU) will be able to create some of the best pizza that you've
ever put in your mouth. You're going to be able to churn out a variety of delicious and succulent
pizza pies at will... on demand... whenever you get hit with a pizza attack.

This is what I've decided to do...

I have here on my desk, the new updated pizza crust crash course, that takes you by the hand and leads you step by step through the process of making one of the all time favorite pizza crust that the world has ever no time flat.. I might add...

I'm going to give it to YOU absolutely FREE. That's right, I'm not going to ask for one red cent. It's a full FREE 7 part email series that's going to take you by the hand and expose you to some of my "pizza crust" findings.

You'll find the link to it in the email that has already been sent to your inbox. You're going to love it!
Just look for this subject line the next time you check your email.

pizza_checkThere's Pizza In Your Inbox!

The report is entitled "7 Quick Power Tips For Making Great Pizza Crust!"... and it's simply the most amazing "inside" look at how the pizza gurus put together one of the most sought after pizza crust known to man, that's right, you can use this particular pizza crust recipe every time if you wanted, and no one would ever complain. But remember, there are many other types of crust you can try also... I'll get to that later.

Now..moving on... I'm getting ready to let you in on my FULL BLOWN set of findings and recipes.

The pizza making guide that I'm about to introduce you to is going to address everything you need to know about how to make great pizza.... and a lot of it. Furthermore you'll be able to
make a wide variety of delicious pizza pies that boast flavorful pizza crust and succulent pizza sauce... all from the comfort of your own home kitchen. Even better, your pizza budget will immediately take a nose dive!

HPC's Legendary Pizza Recipes in conjunction with our FREE mini e-pizza reports and e-pizza tips will teach you exactly what you need to know to turn your average homemade pizzas into hard to resist homemade pizza masterpieces.

Your home pizza creations will NEVER be the same... You'll be amazed at how simple and easy it
is to create pizza like a pizza pro... especially after you've mastered these step-by-step pizza blueprints...

Here's What You'll Learn With These Pizza Making Roadmaps & Resources:

pizza_checkHow to churn out a massive variety of mouth watering pizza pies for the cost of what you normally pay for a single "buy one get one free deal" and a couple of drinks down at your local pizza parlor...

pizza_checkHow to get rid of that soggy, doughy, non crispy pizza crust that frustrates most home pizza makers when attempting to make a homemade pizza masterpiece...

pizza_checkHow to find the professional pizza making tools you need and have them delivered to your front doorstep for little to nothing. This will "pave the way" for your highly anticipated pizza making projects. You'll be able to make great pizza quickly and easily...

pizza_check How to compensate for the fact that your conventional home oven won't reach
the high temperatures achieved by high priced brick ovens...and other types of ovens found in professional pizza parlors

pizza_check How to plan your pizza making experience to maximize pizza crust flavor and produce perfect pizza every single time...

pizza_check How to save a pocket full of money this year because you stumbled upon a pizza making blueprint that allows you to create any type of pizza you
your own home kitchen...

pizza_checkHow to take full advantage of the closely held secrets of master "pizza making Gurus " that awaken pizza flavor and make your homemade pizza pies the envy of your family & friends...

pizza_checkHow to avoid the many pitfalls of making homemade pizza that taste like a bread loaf covered with cheese and tomato sauce instead of the savory pizza masterpieces that your taste buds crave and deserve...

" California Style Pizza "

You could quickly & easily learn how to do all these things…and much, much more...

Look, it's no secret that great pizza is loved by many.... I wouldn't insult your intelligence by making you believe otherwise... did you know that "pizza" is a $32+ BILLION per year industry.

It's simple.... Lot's Of People (especially kids) Simply Love PIZZA!

If you really want to master the process of making a variety of great pizza pies at home, including flavorful crispy pizza crust and many other types of crust, all without much effort at all, you must get your hands on HPC's Legendary Pizza Recipes.

Go ahead and order it TODAY and start enjoying pizza at a whole new level by tomorrow. And remember, for a limited time,I'm also going to send you "The Copy Cat Recipe Sampler, 200 Salsa Recipes, 120 Fruit Desserts and 100 Great Sandwich Recipes are all yours to keep FREE as bonuses just for picking up Legendary Pizza Recipes.

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HPC's Legendary Pizza Recipes

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Like any true blue pizza lover, you'll love it when you have the secrets of great pizza making
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Stuck indoors due to bad weather? Imagine spending "bad weather" time mastering everything you need to know about pizza making. You'll be ready to amaze your friends (and have them down on their knees begging you to make another pizza pie almost every time they see you).

By the time the next big social gathering or big game rolls around, you're all set and ready for pizza action.

You Can Make Exceptional Tasting Pizza (cheaply) Anytime You Want...

They'll be down on their knees begging for your pizza making secrets.

Learn To Make Some Of The Most Famous Pizza Pies
The World Has Ever Known!

"Chicago Style Pizza"

Make Absolute Pizza Legends Like:

pinpoint_pizzaThe Amazing Whole Wheat Pizza

pinpoint_pizzaThe Irresistible Deep Dish Pizza

pinpoint_pizzaThe Big City New York Style Pizza

pinpoint_pizzaThe Super Thin Crispy Crust Pizza

pinpoint_pizzaThe Windy City Chicago Style Pan Pizza

pinpoint_pizza The Eye Opening Breakfast Pizza

pinpoint_pizzaThe Bertucci's Nolio Pizza

pinpoint_pizzaThe Stuffed Cheese Crust Pizza

pinpoint_pizzaThe Herb Crusted Dream Pizza

pinpoint_pizzaThe Delicious White Pizza Sauce Pizza

pinpoint_pizzaThe Original Firehouse Pizza

pinpoint_pizza The Trendy California Pizza

Getting Hungry Yet?


The Combinations You Can Create Are Virtually Endless!

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For most people, (who have never "studied" how to produce an irresistible pizza crust), this is a pure revelation! The average home pizza maker almost never gets it right. .. or, if they do, they don't know how they did it. The pizza pros have spent lifetimes learning how to perfect this process... they usually milk it for all its worth! Now it's within YOUR reach...

The general public would never even think about the specifics covered in this report. All you have to do is sign up for the mini e-course "7 Quick Power Tips For Making Great Pizza Crust!" and you're ready to go.


Here's What Other Pizza Lovers Have To Say About
HomePizzaChef's Legendary Pizza Recipes:

I Could Go On And On And On....

But The Important Thing Is This...

I know this is going to sound crazy...BUT... Once you see how to put together your favorite pies the right way, it will be just as easy as falling off of a log.

Your pizza baking days will never be the same — that I guarantee.

Hey listen ...the variety and combinations of pizza recipes are virtually endless!

There's 175 pizza recipes in this blueprint!
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It's The Biggest No Brainer Of The Year!
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You'll Also Learn How To Make Over 15 Different Types Of
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You'll Get FREE Access To The HPC Mini e-Course Series
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Delicious & Taste Bud Tantalizing Pizza Crusts Like:


pinpoint_pizzaAmazing Whole Wheat Pizza Crust
pinpoint_pizzaThe Basic Crispy PaperThin Crust
pinpoint_pizzaPolenta Pizza Crust Recipe
pinpoint_pizzaNew York Style Pizza Crust
pinpoint_pizzaThe Cornmeal Pizza Crust

(...great for Chicago Deep Dish Pizza)

pinpoint_pizzaThe Boboli Pizza Crust
pinpoint_pizzaDeep Dish Pizza Crust
pinpoint_pizzaHerb Pizza Dough

The Possibilities Are Endless!

checkEasy To Follow Dummy Proof, Step By Step Guides and Tips
Over 200 Total Recipes Including Pizza Dough, Pizza Sauces & Pizza Crusts
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Pizza Making Accessories,
Like Pizza Ovens, Pizza Stones, Pizza Screens
checkOngoing Periodic Special Pizza Maker Reports,
Tested Tips And Our Blog

But The Question You're Most Likely Asking Yourself Now Is This...

How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

Well, the real question you "should" be asking is how much money are YOU going to spend on pizza over the next YEAR...

How Much Money Will YOU Spend On Pizza In The Next 5 Years?

Is it worth it to you to have a guy that spent countless hours studying everything there is to know about making home pizza take you by the hand and hand you over 175 piping hot pies that you can make for a fraction of the price... anytime you want?

Listen, I've thought about this over and over, but after seeing how thrilled many of my friends are with the idea of having great pizza available to them anytime they want, I decided to go ahead and let the "cat out of the bag" for everyone.... once and for all.... pizza lovers want it and deserve it...

It dawned on me that this was information that could save some people from the humiliation that I experienced... that would have meant a lot to me back then. I wouldn't have been laughed at or talked about... I wouldn't have had to hear the "pizza jokes"...

So here's what I've decided to do...

I'm going to virtually give away a very limited number of HPC's Legendary Pizza Recipes... and after that, the price will back to what I originally decided without all of the BONUSES.

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Happy Home Pizza Baking...

Best Wishes,

William Lockhart
Pizza Lover & Founder


Home Pizza Guru Reveals How To Fill Empty Stomachs With Pizza
And Create Jealous Minds Among Friends....


YES, William! I'm Ready To Make
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I further understand that I'll also save
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